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Subject: *:* what r u d0ing n0w *:*
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swtchoco 8.02.11 - 01:58pm
Just now left the office and on the way to home.. *

swtchoco 8.02.11 - 02:01pm
Wow.. congrats.GIF and cheers.GIF winnie for ur (b)400th(/b) post.. *

win1980 9.02.11 - 01:04am
tghanks chococheers.GIF

having morningcoffee.GIF *

hotguy24 9.02.11 - 02:16am
Winnie me too having morning coffee.GIF
cheers.GIF with coffee.GIF hehe.GIF *

hotguy24 9.02.11 - 01:15pm
I am sitting happily in bus and replying in groups n pop ups.. hehe.GIF *

alyana1 9.02.11 - 10:55pm
Online.GIF reading.GIF *

win1980 10.02.11 - 12:30am
siting on my bed *

hotguy24 10.02.11 - 01:13am
I got up just now.. *

ashtez 10.02.11 - 01:34am
gting relx aftr long walk n sum hard wrk 2 gt my body a fit. *

win1980 10.02.11 - 11:36pm
on the way to USA embasy. *

ashtez 11.02.11 - 08:39am
sori 2 say i jst read inbx of dis grpz xmod abhi n askd me y d modz or ownr accpet his membrsip or banned him. I replid him dat m nt d mod or spl1 in winxclub so al ovr 2 mods n ownr.bt hre a respocibity of mods n ownr whn thy logd aftr ani requst thn thy reject aprov or ban.bt i dnt knw d rulz of modz or dis grp.bt sori if my wrdz hurtd to Mods n Owner thn thy hv ryt 2 remove me frm grp.i hvnt tool to paste th msgs otrwise i postd his 20 25 lynz inbx 2 me hre *

winxxx 11.02.11 - 10:05am
sorry for that my friends iv been busy for processing my requirements..i think i 4got to log here ysterday... but dont worry, i accepted 3 mems 2day including abhi22y.....to all new members, THANK YOU FOR JOINING WINXCLUB! HAVE A NICE TIME!!!!! *

winxxx 11.02.11 - 10:12am
his reason was,, he felt nothing without moi nso he left here...bt this time i hope he wont leave us again... *

winxxx 11.02.11 - 10:13am
y u delete the msgs czzzzzzz? *

winxxx 11.02.11 - 10:32am
mods hav to check members request,, edit and delete unnecessary posts..accept or reject mems request as well as files n links upload by membrs.. *

alyana1 11.02.11 - 10:33am
For me tht is not a good reason cz y he left.u trusted and left winxclub on his hands but wt did he do?HE LEFT COZ U R NOT HERE?

I deleted my 1st reply Coz u posted ur reply first and u already accepted the request cz.

winxxx 11.02.11 - 10:36am
i didnt know bout the rest of it cz..i accptd himas he requestd *

alyana1 11.02.11 - 10:39am
Ok no problem cz.u're the boss salute.GIF *

abhi22y 11.02.11 - 04:44pm
i hvnt problem if members not like me ere so ful rites to mods nd owner to remove me.cos i dont want 2 be any problem in ur clubism.bye *

ashtez 12.02.11 - 01:34am
hi frnz nyc 2 c u al r arguing wid eachotr in gd way.fyt is also neccesri 2 mak lov strong. *

abhi22y 12.02.11 - 05:54am
hi bhaa ji ki haal a? *

warded 3.05.18 - 12:42am
Updating my groups. work.GIF *

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